Scrollable list

Infinite scroll is a common UX pattern used to lazy load large lists of data.
Think twitter, Facebook or other social feeds. In this post we’ll implement infinite-scroll in Vue with the Intersection Observer API. Later we will extend the same to fetch data on upward scroll. (Like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, chatbots etc), where last items are shown first and user must scroll up to load more data.

Before we begin, let’s recall how scrolling on a page or element works.

We have a list of items and a list container. The ‘list container’s height grows to accommodate the number…

Async code is the most tricky part of javascript that many devs including myself often struggle with.

Not understanding the nature of how async code works is a common rookie programmer mistake because our minds can naturally comprehend synchronous/sequential code flow more easily. Using Async/await appears to make it look as through the loop pauses and hence makes it easier to debug.

I will discuss some common use cases where one needs to make async calls inside a loop.

Make a set of network requests in parallel and do some action after they all are completed.

Let's say we have a set of apis that we need to fetch data from and one request does not depend…

Sainath S.R

Software developer, currently dabbing with front-end, ,trying hard to get started with writing:) works@ facilio. EX Zoho

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